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“President Trump made an excellent choice by nominating Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. There is no question that she is highly qualified, faithfully interprets the law as written, and will uphold the Constitution. That is her judicial philosophy. That is her judicial record. And that is why Judge Barrett should become the next Supreme Court Justice

“She has authored more than 100 opinions and many noteworthy dissents on the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, and her opinions are forceful defenses of constitutional liberties such as due process rights and the Second Amendment. Additionally, she taught aspiring lawyers the principles and purpose of our justice system for over a decade as a distinguished professor. Her high-quality scholarship on constitutional law, clarity as a writer, and gifts as a teacher won her the respect of her peers and pupils alike.

“Unfortunately, Senate Democrats are attacking the foundation of judicial independence by threatening to pack the Courts — not because the President and Senate Republicans are going against the Constitution but because they are following it.

“Democrats want to dismantle our institutions. Republicans want to defend them. Although the House does not vote for Supreme Court nominees, as a constitutional conservative who cares about protecting life and liberty, I am proud to extend Barrett my full support. I urge the Senate to confirm her, without delay.”