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Washington D.C. – Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (CA-22) released the following statement in support of a bipartisan effort to rebuke the Obama Administration and its proposal to require federal contractors to disclose their political activities as part of the contracting process:

“In adopting the Cole Amendment to the Defense Authorization Bill, the House has sent a clear message to the Obama Administration that the Federal government should keep politics out of the Federal contracting process. Our nation’s democratic principles are grounded in the strong tradition of free speech, especially for those who choose to speak out against the party in power. The Obama Administration’s proposed executive order, which was addressed in part by the Cole Amendment, could have had a chilling effect on the political activism of current and future federal contractors.  In recognizing that Americans should not forfeit their First Amendment liberties in exchange for working on government projects funded by their own tax dollars, House Republican leadership and our Committee Chairmen sent a letter stating our opposition to his proposed executive order. I’m glad this amendment was passed by House.”

NOTE: Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy led fellow members of House leadership, along with all of the House Committee Chairmen, in sending a letter to President Obama in opposition to this proposed executive order. You may view a copy of the letter here.