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“We, as the American people, have overcome monumental challenges. Our grit and will to win is what makes our country so unique. This virus will be no different — we will continue to adapt, overcome, and make progress to defeat it and rebuild the greatest economy in our lifetime… Congressional Republicans are united with President Trump and his administration…

“For anyone who questions this administration’s response to this virus, let’s just talk about the facts:

  • 46.5 million tests conducted so far… 4.7 million over just the past week 
  • Operation Warp Speed has developed 14 vaccine candidates that are very promising
  • We are on track to develop a vaccine faster than ever before in the history of the world
  • 141 clinical trials already underway for potential therapies 

“And as we debate the next coronavirus package this team has set up to provide additional targeted relief, people want to know what should be in the next package. There should be:

  • Tax incentives like a “Safe-to-work” tax credit to help small businesses stay afloat and keep going
  • Back-to-work bonuses to help incentivize our workforce and create more stability 
  • Liability Protections – no one wants to see the trial lawyers stop our schools from opening, our businesses from opening back up… we think this is important for all of the country…
  • Child care relief – Our families need safe, reliable care for their children. The question should not be ‘if’, it should be ‘how’ child cares and schools reopen…

“[And] members should be here working. Members shouldn’t be sitting on a boat in Arizona and calling in their votes. We should be having debates, we should be having ideas, we should be having discussions…That’s very difficult if you’re sitting on a boat in Arizona when a committee is going forward… I’m not sure you’re participating that much, but you’re still getting your paycheck…

“One of the greatest threats we see right now is China. The Democrats have a serious problem when it comes to the Chinese Communist Party, they’re unwilling to stand up and hold them accountable.

“As many of you know, I worked more than a year to try to get a bipartisan [China Task Force] long before COVID ever arose — long before the Chinese Communist Party lied to the entire world about COVID… It took me eight months to get to an agreement with the Democrats and when we were finally about to announce they backed away…

“Today I introduced a bill, [the] Defend COVID Research From Hackers Act. So far we have learned that Iran, Russia, and China have been trying to hack into our companies.

“Well, today we learned there are more Chinese hackers accused of stealing millions of dollars worth of trade secrets from organizations involved in COVID vaccine research. All that does is slow down vaccine research. Will the Democrats once again be afraid to hold China accountable for this?

“The Democrats should stop lying to America and hold China accountable… We need to build America stronger and bigger than ever before so we can compete for the next century.”