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“[Democrats] no longer [want] $3 trillion, they’re now asking for $4 trillion. And remember, in their $3 trillion bill it mentioned ‘cannabis’ more than it ever mentioned ‘research’ or ‘jobs’.

“This is what they have, they just have a wishlist and not a way forward.

“Even today when you have unemployment insurance, the extra amount of money that the the federal government puts in… Republicans said let’s extend it a week while we negotiate. You know who said no? Chuck Schumer. But watch what they will say on television.

“The president was willing to continue to go forward to protect those who are unemployed right now so we can get people working again, and solve this problem.

“Every single time we [have] worked on COVID-19 legislation, you know who has held it up? Nancy Pelosi. Remember [her showcasing] her refrigerator when small businesses needed money for their employees? She said no. Or when the very first CARES Act went forward, she said no and held it for another week.

“How many more people are unemployed because of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer’s actions? 

“I do not know with the [Chinese Communist Party] has on the Democrats, but it is very powerful. It is so powerful that when the Chinese are now hacking to find our vaccines — I put a bill on the floor to sanction any hacker — they voted against it.

“We now have a report in a paper today that the FBI says China is trying to influence the election, and we know who they want to win, and also influence members of Congress…

“We even had the Armed Services Chairman say it wasn’t China’s fault, [that] it’s not their responsibility to warn America about the virus. [And instead] trying to blame the president.

“Adam Schiff, a real favorite of all of ours, you know what he said when they closed down the consulate [in Houston], a hub of espionage? He said it was all politics and he blamed America.

“Why won’t Nancy Pelosi bring bills to the floor that hold China accountable? Because they want to defend China and blame America.”