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“We’ve seen that Biden’s policies created a border crisis…

“On the very first day of his administration, there wasn’t a plan to open up American business or American schools, President Biden announced it was his priority to offer ‘citizenship for 11 million undocumented immigrants.’

“What did he think would happen?

“Last month alone, 100,000 migrants were encountered attempting to illegally cross our Southern border last month. To put that into perspective, that’s a larger population than President Biden’s hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania. 

“The number of migrant children detained at the border has tripled in two just weeks, and are being kept in ‘jail-like‘ cells.

“The number of migrants who have tested positive for the coronavirus after being released by the Border Patrol into Texas has nearly doubled.

“As Republicans, we know how to solve this problem. We can work with [the administration] to make it happen. 

“Last week, I sent a letter to the President, asking to sit down with him, asking to work on ideas to reverse some of the misuse and misdirected policies…

“As of today, he has still not answered our letter…

“So next week, I will be traveling to the border with twelve other [House Republicans] to assess the crisis firsthand and come back with solutions to make sure our border is secure and that we can end this crisis that Biden has created.