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Washington D.C. – House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (CA-22) gave the following remarks on the House floor in support of The Domestic Energy and Jobs Act (H.R. 4480):

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“Thank you Mr. Speaker, and I would also like to thank Rep. Cory Gardner (CO- 4) for bringing this legislation to the floor. Mr. Speaker, I want to for one moment imagine a country that doesn’t have 40 months of more than 8 percent unemployment. I want imagine America with 3 percent unemployment. Can you imagine a country that had a trade deficit that was shrunk? Can you imagine a government that instead of talking about raising taxes, it actually cut them? Imagine that in a housing crisis, you are not seeing increased foreclosures, but actually the need more houses to be built. Imagine people actually flying into the country because the jobs are there. I want to imagine someone making $15 per hour working at McDonalds.

“A lot of people in this country that watch the news think this is farfetched. They think this is impossible to dream or even imagine. But you know what? This is taking place within this country. It is exactly what is happening in North Dakota. And why is this happening in North Dakota? It’s happening because they created a state energy policy that unshackled energy development.

“There is a team here tonight Mr. Speaker called HEAT – the House Energy Action Team. We went across the country from California, to driving an electric car in Colorado, and to going in the oil fields in North Dakota – where I went. As I made my way to the oil fields, I drove past wind farms and I thought about the new technology that is available to us that will enable us to extract greater energy resources in an environmentally friendly way. This has transformed the state with increased job creation and can transform our nation.

“Yes, we are importing less oil today than since 1994, but that is only because of production on private lands, not public lands. So, today on this floor we are debating something that can change America. So no longer will you sit back home and think, ‘if only I can imagine low unemployment, high revenues and a job for anyone who wants one.’

“This bill today is about jobs. It is also about changing our foreign policy and creating a new America where we invest today and become energy independent. Mr. Speaker I ask all to vote aye and I thank the gentleman for bringing this bill to the floor.”