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Washington D.C. – House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) spoke at today’s Leadership press conference on the President’s State of the Union address later this evening:

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“Good morning and welcome back. As we all know, today is a little different than the normal day here in Washington – it’s the day of the State of the Union. This is an unique opportunity for all of us. Heading into tonight for the President’s speech, the latest poll shows more than half the country is disappointed in the President’s job performance. He is headed into his last term after just finishing ‘the lost year’ of his presidency. This is not a time for politics. What I am really looking for is for the President to not miss this opportunity – to not miss the opportunity of addressing a disgruntled country because where our job performance is going, and to find where we can come together to find an opportunity where he is not going to tell us that he has a pen and phone, but that he is going to listen and we are going to work together. That we are going to put people before politics and it is not going to be about rhetoric, but it is going to be about results and solutions.”