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“Madam Speaker – At the heart of Democrats’ border security policies is the assumption that America can assume an unlimited number of illegal immigrants without considering its impact on jobs, communities, security, and health.

“This assumption defies all historical evidence. More importantly, it defies the evidence right before our very eyes.

“In the last month alone, Border Patrol apprehended the largest surge of migrants in twenty years — 172,000 individuals in a single month.

“By September, we are on track to encounter two million illegal immigrants. That is about twice the population of Delaware, President Biden’s home state.

“This surge was directly caused by the actions of the Biden Administration.

“On Day One, President Biden issued five executive orders that reversed common sense immigration policies that worked.

“Then, his administration sent mixed signals to migrants that ‘now is not the time to come,’ but promising not to deport children and many families.

“And now, as Monday’s order demonstrates, the White House is more concerned with policing Border Patrol’s language than it is protecting the border.

“I’m glad President Biden finally admitted that there’s a crisis at the border. But what we really need is for him to admit that his policies and rhetoric caused the crisis. 

“The results of this crisis are as predictable as they are disastrous – for both migrants and American citizens.

“Just this past weekend, the Biden administration was forced to shut down a Houston migrant center for children because of ‘unbearable conditions.’ Hundreds of unaccompanied minors had to be shuttled somewhere else.

“This is heartbreaking. It’s also a public health risk. That’s because the Biden Administration is releasing migrants into American cities without negative COVID tests, without court dates, and without a way to track where they go.

“Already, that number is up to 15,000.

“But the border crisis isn’t just a humanitarian and public health crisis. It’s also a national security crisis.

“Last month, I shared alarming news: individuals on the terrorist watch list were caught trying to enter our country.

“Congressman Gallego accused me of lying.

“Congresswoman Escabar said I was trying to ‘fuel division.’

“But the Customs and Border Protection agency confirmed that four suspected terrorists had been caught. And since then more suspected terrorists have been caught at different times and different places.

“This security problem also includes the flow of drugs.

“Americans are dying because the cartels are exploiting the Biden Border Crisis to make a profit.

“Fentanyl overdoses are surging across the country.

“Speaker Pelosi’s hometown of San Francisco saw more fentanyl-related deaths last year than COVID-related deaths, according to the Wall Street Journal.

“Madam Speaker — It’s hard to imagine anything more shortsighted than doubling down on Biden’s failed border policies. 

“But incredibly, House Democrats want to respond to this humanitarian, public health, and national security crisis by passing recycled legislation from the last Congress.

“They want to strip future presidents of their authority to keep Americans safe. That’s what the No BAN Act does. 

“They also want to grant foreign nationals access to lawyers. But foreign nationals have never been entitled to this privilege before. And that will cost taxpayers $825 million over the next five years.

“But are Democrats working to repair the crisis its radical policies caused? No.

“Are they working to stop the mass flow of illegal migration? No.

“Are they working to secure our border? No.

“But Vice President Harris has refused to visit the border for 28 days.

“By contrast, more than a third of House Republicans have been to the border and seen the crisis for themselves. 

“What we learned has led directly to the action we’ve taken here in Congress.

“Two weeks ago, Dr. Miller-Meeks introduced a bill to require a negative COVID-19 test before any illegal immigrant is released from custody.

“Democrats blocked it.

“Last week, Rep. Carter and Rep. Meijer offered a motion to combat the trafficking of fentanyl analogues, which are 100 times deadlier than regular fentanyl.

“Democrats blocked it — even though 137 of them voted for the same motion last year.

“Madam Speaker — Congress needs to do the right thing here.

“We should not be wasting its time on recycled legislation that weakens our national security. 

“We simply need to return to common sense border security policies that work.

“We need to finish the Wall and deploy technology to the border;

“We need to fully reinstate the ‘remain in Mexico’ policy and maintain and robustly implement Title 42 authority;

“We need to require a negative COVID test before releasing migrants;

“And we need to send a clear message: do not come to the United States illegally.

“Madam Speaker — If we want to fix the crisis, we need to fix its ‘root cause.’

“But that root cause isn’t only in Guatemala or El Salvador or Honduras, it’s right here in Washington D.C.

“Let’s get back to common sense solutions that actually work.

“I yield back.”