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House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) delivered a speech on the House Floor on Pelosi’s Payoff to Progressives, Democrats’ costly, corrupt, and liberal spending package that they plan to pass on strictly party lines later today:

“Madam Speaker — From H.R. 1 to voting to defund the police, House Democrats have abandoned any pretense of unity.

“They passed three major bills in one month with zero bipartisan support.

“Today, they plan to pass another. Like the others, it represents a missed opportunity for Congress to focus on the real needs of the American people.

“At $1.9 trillion in new spending, the so-called American Rescue Plan is the most expensive single bill in American history.

“Let’s put that number in context.

“World War II cost our government $4.8 trillion.

“But if we pass this bill, our country’s total relief covid relief spending will soon total $5.5 trillion.

“This so-called ‘relief’ bill will end up costing every taxpayer in America more than $5000 each.

“You send the government your tax dollars but you get only a fraction of what you paid — at best.

“It’s like one of those email money scams where they promise you millions of dollars but first you have to wire them money.

“This is the reality of the bill before us today: It showers money on special interests, but spends less than 9 percent on actually defeating the virus.

“But it gives San Francisco $600 million, essentially wiping out 92 percent of their budget deficit.

“In both the House and Senate, the only bipartisan vote has been against it.

“And after 5 relief bills, it is on track to be the first passed by strictly party lines.

“Republicans have said that the bill before us today is costly, corrupt, and liberal.

“Now, even the Biden White House agrees: it is very liberal. They called it the ‘most progressive piece of legislation in history.’

“So let’s be clear: This isn’t a rescue bill. It isn’t a relief bill. It’s a laundry list of leftwing priorities that predate the pandemic and do not meet the needs of American families.

“No wonder even House Democrats have said they are ’embarrassed’ by what is in it.

“And just this week, one of their own members said ‘There’s no question there’s some waste in there.’

“In fact, if you are a member of the Swamp, you do pretty well under this bill.

“But for the American people, it means serious problems immediately and on the horizon.

“Consider Medicare. Democrats’ bill would cause $36 billion in cuts to Medicare starting this year. I guess the COVID crisis isn’t urgent enough for Democrats to protect health benefits for seniors and hospitals in their districts.

“Or consider K-12 education. Democrats say they need $130 billion to reopen schools. But their bill allocates only $6 billion to help schools this fiscal year; two-thirds of the total funding for education won’t even be spent until 2023 or later. 

“Do Democrats expect schools to reopen 2 years from now? That is what they’re saying with this bill. They have no plan to get children back in the classroom full time.

“This week marks the one year anniversary of school districts across the country switching to school behind a screen.

“We still don’t know the full effects of this decision. But what we do know proves that keeping classrooms closed has created an education and mental health crisis for students and parents.

“It has been a lost year of our children’s education, and even more devastating, one in four young adults has struggled with suicidal thoughts.

“Experience and scientific evidence say ‘reopen schools now’ — it is necessary and safe.

“But because Democrats are following the demands of special interests, not science, they’re telling children to continue to wait, with no end in sight.

“Compare that to the subsidies for the Swamp. Democrats want to give federal employees an extra $21,000 to help cope with virtual schooling — and none of them were laid off.

“But their bill ignores parents outside of Washington who are also struggling through school closures — including the million mothers and fathers who had to quit their job to take care of their kids home from school.

“Or compare that to Title X. This bill would allow organizations like Planned Parenthood to access $50 million.

“Furthermore, it does not apply the Hyde Amendment to any spending in this bill. Democrats want to erase the wall of separation between taxpayer funds and abortions.

“Or compare it to the blue state bailout. Democrats claim state and local governments need $350 billion to recover from the pandemic. But headline after headline confirms most states are not in financial distress.

“Nearly half saw an increase in revenue last year. And some — including my home state of California — actually have a budget surplus.

“As for the few places that are facing shortfalls, many mismanaged their finances long before COVID.

“American taxpayers didn’t vote for that. But thanks to the Blue State Bailout, they are paying for it.

“This bill rewards bad behavior.

“President Biden said, ‘show me what to cut.’

“The Senate actually cut tens of tens of billions in spending from the Biden bill that the House passed — including Speaker Pelosi’s $140 million subway tunnel.

“But instead of reducing the price tag for American taxpayers, they just spent that money in other places. 

“They added an extra $25,000 bonus for state employees. But they ban tax cuts for hardworking taxpayers.

“Get this: if you work for the Swamp, you get a bonus; but if you work for a private company, you get nothing.

“And they added $15 billion for taxpayer-funded health care subsidies that illegal immigrants are eligible for.

“But will this bill help people get back to work? No.

“Will it help students get back in the classroom immediately? No.

“Will it help get vaccines to those who want it? No.

“It just throws out money without accountability — even though there are over a trillion dollars in unspent funds from the last bills.

“Madam Speaker — There is still work to do to defeat this virus, but it is clear we are nearing the final phase of the fight.

“For twelve terrible months, the American worker struggled through lockdowns, sacrificed through closures, and suffered through mandates. They persevered through it all.

“Now, many signs are trending in the right direction.

“President Trump, Operation Warp Speed, previous bipartisan efforts in Congress, and the American people worked tirelessly towards this outcome.

“President Biden is set up for success — both economically and with vaccines — due to trends he did nothing to create.

“I believe the American people are going to see an American Comeback this year. But it won’t be because of this liberal bill.

“This bill won’t speed up our return to normal — it will only increase financial risks and burden future generations with unnecessary debt.

“I urge all my colleagues to vote against it.

“I yield back.”