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Washington, D.C. – Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (CA-22) appeared on Fox News’ “On the Record with Greta Van Susteren” last night to discuss the 2012 American Energy and Jobs Tour, in which members of the House Energy Action Team will spread out across the country on Thursday, May 24th, to advocate for a true all-the-above energy agenda that will help create hundreds of thousands of jobs, increase domestic energy production and secure our energy future:

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On the American Energy and Jobs Tour:

“This week you are going to find Republicans spread out across this country, as part the House Energy Action Team (HEAT), advocating an energy policy that will make America energy independent. I am going to North Dakota tomorrow and what is so important about North Dakota is that it has gone from having some oil to the second largest producing state in the country – they have now surpassed Alaska. If you look at their unemployment – it is at 3% and they have more jobs than they have people.

“We can become energy independent and stop sending our money overseas but we have to have a policy that allows us to do that. So, we are spreading across the country from California to North Dakota to Pennsylvania to Texas and we’re talking to individuals about this plan. Soon you will see legislation that will actually move this forward. Along with our other eight energy bills that have passed the House, these will head to the Senate to force them and the President to make a decision on American made energy.

On Gas Prices To Decreasing To The “New Normal” of $3.70 A Gallon:

“Gas prices are still 100% higher than when President Obama took office. Are we going to settle for $3.50 gasoline or can we lower it below $3? Are we going to settle for continuing to send our money overseas or are we going to invest in America? With technology today, we can reach resources we have not been able to before. Some of the largest gas and oil finds are sitting right here in our country. Developing these can end the uncertainty and improve our businesses and our own investment.”