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Over a month ago, the Senate unanimously passed legislation to protect the Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court and their families. Since then, Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats have done nothing but obfuscate and deflect from their decision to not schedule this critical bill on the House floor. Even after the attempted assassination of Justice Brett Kavanaugh and threats against Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s children, Speaker Pelosi still delayed in bringing this legislation forward.

In response, House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy went to the House floor on three separate occasions demanding unanimous consent for passage of this legislation. In today’s floor speech, he continued to call out House Democrats for playing politics that have put the lives of the Justices and their families in danger.

Remarks as prepared are below, or you may watch online here.

“After three unanimous consent requests of mine that were blocked, Congress will finally vote to provide Supreme Court justices and their families with more security.

“I’m glad this bill is coming to the floor as is.

“The Senate passed it unanimously more than a month ago, but House Democrats delayed it. Why?

“We’ve all known that additional security has been necessary since the Dobbs opinion was leaked last month.

“Justice Kavanaugh was targeted by an armed and dangerous man. And far-left groups have plans to target Justice Amy Coney Barrett and her children.

“These unnecessary delays put the safety of the justices and their families in danger.

“By passing this bill as is, we are sending a clear message to left wing radicals: you cannot intimidate Supreme Court justices.

“I hope we all take that message to heart.

“How can we forget Senator Schumer screaming on the steps of the Supreme Court that ‘you will pay the price. You won’t know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions.’

“I hope Senator Schumer understands that his words have consequences. And I believe he should apologize for contributing to this heated climate.

“With that said, again, I’m glad this bill is coming to the floor as is.

“It shouldn’t have been this hard or taken this long. And it shouldn’t have taken a threat against Justice Kavanaugh to force action – a threat that Speaker Pelosi dismissed in her press conference last week.

“But at the end of the day, this is the better bill. And I’m glad it will be heading to the President’s desk without any poison pills.

“This is a big victory. Now, let’s work to defend our justice system for everyone by upholding the rule of law, which is under attack daily in our cities.

“We can’t uphold the rule of law when there’s looting.

“When cities and police stations are being burned down.

“When criminals are coddled instead of locked up.

“Now that this Congress has come together to condemn intimidation against Supreme Court justices, let’s take the next step to keep Americans safe.

“Let’s support our police, not defund them.

“Let’s enforce all the laws on the books, like the law that prohibits protesting outside justices’ homes – something President Biden has encouraged.

“Let’s get tough on crime so that every American can feel safe in their homes and in their communities.

“Those are things that would create a safer, stronger America than we’ve had before.

“If Democrats don’t do them during this Congress, I make this commitment to you: we will in the next Congress.”