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“To make the country work, Americans believe Washington has to work. There’s no greater contrast than watching the House and the Senate.

“Watch what’s happening on the Floor. In the House, we’re bringing up our seventh Appropriations bill. In the Appropriations Committee, they’ll mark up their eleventh of twelve. In the Senate: zero.

“Then think of the process and how these appropriations bills are brought forward. In the House, anybody can offer an amendment. Let me give you a little number: one hundred and sixty-one. A hundred and sixty-one are the number of Democrat Amendments that we have voted on, not the complete number that we’ve adopted. But a hundred and sixty one amendments by Democrats we have voted on in the appropriations process. In the Senate, they treat everyone fairly. They give no one an amendment, because they’re not working. We will work with anyone who will work. The challenge is Harry Reid is not working. The Senate is not working.

“Another great contrast: nearly 300 bills from this House are sitting in the Senate. If we want America to work again, if we want jobs to be created again, we expect Washington to work. But right now, the Senate is not.”