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Washington D.C. – House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (CA-22) called on Senate Democrats to fulfill their responsibility and offer a plan of their own to tackle the debt:

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“You heard from the Speaker and the Leader and you might hear the same thing from all of us because this Conference is very, very united.  It’s not just the Republican Conference, we’ve had a short opportunity for the American public to see what Cut, Cap and Balance is all about.  You look at the CNN poll, when they look at the debt limit they want to see a balanced budget amendment.  There is a fundamental difference here—not only did we say what we’re for, we voted for what we’re for.  That’s a responsibility, some people can vote on what they’re against, but you got to say what you’re for.  This is too big an issue for America to face without real leadership.  It’s not just America watching, it’s also the world.  If we are going to continue to lead, you have to step up to the plate.  So, the responsibility from the House, once again, has proven the course that not only will we say what we’ll do, we’ll back it up with votes, and put it on the floor and send it to the Senate.  The Senate has an action to take, if they do not like our action they have to say what they’re for.”