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Washington D.C. – House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (CA-22) gave the following remarks at a weekly House Republican leadership press conference earlier this morning:

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“The American people, when they look at their Congress they expect people to debate policy, debate ideas but at the end of the day to come together. They also said in the last election they want to see Congress work a little differently. They wanted an end to earmarks. You in the room sat around and thought there was no way, at the end of the day that anybody can move a transportation bill without earmarks. Last transportation bill had 6,371 earmarks.

“We just showed a fundamental way of listening to the American public that yes you can. Put it on a level playing field, make an investment. But at the same time when you talk about a highway bill, you can reform it but also bring a better energy policy to the country as well. That’s the uniqueness you see moving forward.

“The American people also want to make sure that we come together. Last December, I know we had a little argument talking about different philosophies of how to deal with the payroll and unemployment. We listened to the President and wanted to do it for a full year. The Senate decided they could not come together. They could only do it for two months. They said “give us two more months and we will finish out the rest of the time.” Well we are a week away and we are still waiting. The Senate has to have a plan for two sides to be able to debate. We’ve come to the table time and time again. It’s an opportunity where they said they needed two months to finish out their final plan; well now is the time to show what that plan is so the conference committee can work.”