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“Yes I see things optimistic because I’m an American. I see that we learn something from this virus every single day. I see the movement from the vaccines and the barter with five companies. I see the therapies coming forward. I see companies like Whoop and Oura [that] give you early indication.

“What I found in the process is we need to continue to focus on those who are most vulnerable…

“I am always optimistic, because I am an American, that we will solve this together. We did not invite it here — it came from a foreign land. [China] lied to the rest of the world. We will surpass this as we move forward…

“If you look at the unemployment insurance, the addition of the federal government, it’s really hurting small business when people are making more money to be off work than on work. We need the incentive to go back to work.

“We need liability protection because that’s hurting child care from opening up, that’s hurting schools and others that are going to be sued. We need the liability protection going forward and then we should pinpoint are there areas and industries that need more help.

“Make sure that supply chain comes back to America. USMCA is going into effect — this is a great opportunity not to move your business from China to Vietnam, but move it back to North America. You’d be smarter in the long run and stronger.”