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On State and Local Funding:

“We have provided roughly about $750 billion to states, I’d like to see more flexibility for [cities and counties]. I’d also like to see if there’s anything more we [can] do for states, not go through the governors because the governors will always take their 25%.

“Let’s go directly to cities and counties because when you are really talking about firefighters [or] police officers, states don’t employ them, cities and counties employ them, [so] let’s give them the flexibility and resources they need.

“Let’s make sure it’s just about COVID. Illinois, prior to this their credit rating was equal to Indonesia. I understand the governors, especially in those type of states, are going to want to see money to take care of places they mismanaged. That’s not the place for money [from] hard working taxpayers to correct their problems…

“In one month we provided roughly $750 billion to states. Now, if there’s opportunities [where] we could be more flexible with that money for the states, I’m more than willing to look at that if there’s direct COVID expenses.

“I would look at that from a perspective of providing it directly to the cities and the counties when I look at providing money to schools. I don’t want to send it to the [state] administrations, I want to send it to the classrooms. That’s why I think it’s appropriate and what we should look at.

On China:

“If not now, when? I was at Camp David [this weekend] with the president [and] this was one of the discussions we had…¬†¬†More than a year ago I went to the Speaker and asked [to] have a bipartisan committee, equal number of Republicans and Democrats, to talk about China because I don’t want a Republican strategy or a Democrat strategy, I want an American strategy for the next century.

“As we sit back and look at this virus, one of the top professors at Harvard was arrested by the FBI because he was on the payroll of China. We don’t make vitamin c or penicillin, [and] look at what China did about lying to the rest of the world.

“When they canceled their own commercial flights into Beijing, [but] they allowed those international flights from Wuhan to affect the rest of the world, I don’t know how we sit back.

On Supply Chain and USMCA:

“When I watch what [China is] doing to Australia today, simply because Australia along with 100 other nations wanted to study what happened with COVID, they put [an] 80% tariff on them. Why are they so afraid of what happened? Why can’t they tell us who is patient number one? If they truly believe wet markets opened this, why open them back up?

“Japan is moving their supply chain out of there. I can’t understand why any company would have a supply chain in China. I wouldn’t move it to Vietnam, after the USMCA I would move [the supply chain] to North America… I would put my supply chain there, and we should incentivize [it].

“We should look at what they’re doing in universities and every element when it comes to the strength of America and our ability to make sure the next century is ours.

“If now is not the time, there never will be a time to do this.”