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Washington, D.C. – House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) appeared on Mornings With Maria with Maria Bartiromo to discuss Kavanaugh and combating anti-conservative bias online.

Excerpts of the interview are below, or watch online here.

On President Trump’s UN speech:
“I think what you are going to see from the president is strength. You are going to see that America is back, the respect from other countries. He’s being strong about opioids, and what drugs do to nations, tearing apart. But also the direction of where we are going with North Korea and also with Iran. I think he will come away very positive for the next couple days.”

On the economy and midterm elections:
“We know history is against us but this poll shows something different. Why? It’s because where the economy is today. Another very interesting fact, 51% of the country thinks the economy is either “good” or “excellent”. Now compare that to October 2010, Obama in his first two years – only 12%. That’s the contrast – and if people care about the economy, where we are moving towards I think Republicans keep the majority.”

On the upcoming meeting with Google’s CEO:
“And if you notice from what the results from that, I had a conversation with Sundar. It was a very good conversation. He will be in my office this Friday with other members. And he has committed to coming to a hearing this year, which is a change where Google has been. I am concerned because 90% of all searches go through Google.”