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POLITICO | October 22, 2014


House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy announced that streamlining government agencies will be a central goal in the new Congress.

In a memo sent to House Republicans Wednesday morning, McCarthy (R-Calif.) said that “restoring competence in government” will be a major focus of the GOP in the 114th Congress, which begins in January.

“The inability of the government to accomplish its most basic tasks has eroded the public’s trust in government, as polls have repeatedly shown,” McCarthy said. “Worse, throughout the country there is an emerging sense of resignation that our great country is on the decline. “

The memo comes two weeks before Election Day, as the House GOP is expected to expand their majority in the chamber. McCarthy, the No. 2 House Republican, said he expects a Republican Senate to take up energy related legislation like improvements to “the permitting process for pipelines.”

“The same is true for reforms we passed for federal mining permits and FDA reforms that the Energy and Commerce Committee has already begun working on,” he said.

McCarthy said he also wants to cut down on superfluous agency reports.

“Different provisions added to our laws over the years has resulted in a legal requirement that 466 different agencies and non-profits submit over 4,200 different reports to Congress this year,” McCarthy wrote in the memo. “The annual number of reports demanded by law increased nearly 25 percent in the past 25 years. Many, like the annual ‘Report to Congress on Dog and Cat Fur Protection,’ are no longer relevant. However, absent Congressional action, agencies and non-profits must still submit these reports. We can save taxpayer money and thousands of hours of time by sunsetting these requirements.”