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On Reopening Schools:

“I want schools to open safely. For all you parents who are watching right now –you’ve now become a teacher, a coach, and a tutor. I do not want to leave a generation behind.

“I know Democrats are afraid to come to work, to even come to Congress, so they have the shadow voting but what I want to do is pass a bill that provides and focuses on child care and [allows] schools to open safely. We want to prioritize them with funding and safety to be able to do it and protect them from lawsuits, and give parents flexibility to use their savings accounts to [pay for child care] tax-free and be able to open that back up.

“And I want to focus on opening new child care, because do you know what? Most child cares are owned by women and minorities… [This is] an opportunity to put America back on a stage [we] can work to renew, rebuild and restore this country, and it’s fundamental that we cannot leave these children uneducated and leave them behind.

“Democrats may be afraid to come to work but I believe Congress is essential, and this is the number one thing we should prioritize ourselves on — making sure our children are safe and [developing] a plan to open back up.

On Joe Biden:

“Joe Biden has been in Washington for more than 40 years and hasn’t been able to do any… criminal justice reform, why do we think we’re going to have something different? President Trump did do criminal justice reform and did open up opportunity zones. He [signed an] executive order when it comes to police reform, so this president is taking action.

“Joe has a long history of doing nothing, but now he shows that he’ll even surrender to the socialist wing of the party, because remember, Bernie Sanders is not a Democrat. He was registered as a socialist, ran as a socialist and that’s what the new wing of the party is craving.

“Look at the new Congressional Members. [Ilhan] Omar, she wants to dismantle America instead of duplicating America around the world… The freedom and the idea that we are more than a country should be duplicated, and it inspires people in Hong Kong, shipyard workers in Poland, the Berlin Wall collapses where two Germanies become one.That is the power of America. That is not something to dismantle, but something to duplicate…

On the Democrat Effort to Defund Our Police:

“The idea that less police is going to bring us safety, [has already shown to be untrue]. That is why it is wrong [that] Joe Biden is buying in and surrendering to the socialists. That is not what we need, we need greater training of the police department, more accountability — the exact thing that [Senator] Tim Scott put into his bill [that] the Democrats would not even allow to come up and be debated.

“That’s the difference. That’s why we have one of the most important decisions we’re going to make. This November is not just the direction of the next four years, it’s whether this country surrenders or this country builds on a more perfect union…”