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Washington, D.C. –Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) made the following comments at today’s GOP stakeout:

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“As the Leader and the Chairman said, you’ll find on the floor this week two American energy bills. When you talk about American energy it means more production. When you have greater production the price goes down. When you have greater production in America it means more American jobs. That is a fundamental difference from where this Administration is at. As the Leader talks about his meetings at the Blair House, as our Speaker gave his speech at where the debt limit is at, I can tell you as the Whip there is not one Republican vote for a negative debt limit vote, where no cuts are proposed. We have staked out very early what we see as a change to America. We have listened to the American public, they want jobs, the want government to cut spending. They don’t want a credit card that just keeps expanding, and we have moved forward with where we think we should go with the more the American people as told us – More American jobs, greater energy prices come down and the ability to cut government spending not just increase it with no check and balance.”