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Majority Whip-designate Kevin McCarthy named Rep. Peter Roskam (IL-06) to serve as the Chief Deputy Whip for the 112th Congress.

McCarthy issued the following statement regarding the appointment:

“My good friend Peter Roskam is a bold leader whose fresh ideas will continue to help energize the Republican Party as we move forward in the Majority. I look forward to working with him to fulfill our Conference’s Pledge to America. Together, we will use our common-sense conservative principles to advance job-creating policies, cut spending, and reform Washington. As Jobs Policy Director of the America Speaking Out project, Peter helped develop a positive agenda for robust economic growth and quality job creation. As a member of the Whip Team, I know that his insight and experience will greatly enhance our Majority Whip Operation.”

The Chief Deputy Whip responsibilities include working with Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy to unify the party, building broad support for policy initiatives, educating Members of Congress and answering questions on policy.

Regarding the appointment, Roskam stated:

“I look forward to working with Majority Whip McCarthy as we advance a positive agenda for renewed innovation, investment and growth. For too long under the control of both parties, Washington has borrowed and spent too much money, jeopardizing our nation’s prosperity and our children’s future.

“The American economy faces serious challenges and we must all work together to end the uncertainty coming out of Washington so that we can once again unleash the American entrepreneurial spirit and get our economy and our country back on the right track.”