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“Last week we watched 5 million people — new numbers — for unemployment.

“How many more millions of Pelosi’s layoffs will we have to endure before she will put people before politics?

“Even at this moment to get this agreement, we could have been done yesterday, but the Democrats continue to hold up even though we have agreed to all the numbers…

“Instead of work together, she has tried to fight every element. Again, name me one thing the Speaker has accomplished that is productive during this pandemic. All she has ever done is criticize.

“We need to work together as one. Look, the virus is here, we did not invite it, we did not want it, but we will defeat it together. In [any] other time in history when we’ve had a challenge like this you’d watch the Speaker work with the President. We’ve only now watched the Speaker criticize every action…

“Just last week I had a small business — it’s an ambulance company in my district. [The owner] called me so excited because she got the program for small business and you know what she said, ‘I was going to have to lay off a number of people, so when the 911 call comes now, I can actually deliver for them.’ That’s what Nancy Pelosi is holding up.”