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Title 42, a Trump administration-era policy that better protects our country by allowing officials to turn illegal immigrants away at the border, is an important tool that helps keep our Border Patrol agents from being overwhelmed. Unfortunately, President Biden caved to the radical activists in his party and ended Title 42.

In response to this catastrophic decision, Leader McCarthy issued the following statement in support of Title 42 and called on President Biden to protect our country and secure our border.

“Today’s decision confirms that President Biden has abdicated his responsibilities and is actively working to make the border crisis worse. From day one of his administration, he has failed to protect our nation’s security and to secure the border. Today, Biden’s border crisis is worse than ever, but the president has decided to eliminate yet another vital tool: Title 42. This decision is wrong and will invite a lawless surge of illegal border crossings to enrich human traffickers and overwhelm border patrol.  This will inflict suffering, pain, and tragedy throughout our country. Make no mistake, the President will own the calamity his policies have created.”

Additional Context:

Under the Biden-Harris administration’s watch, a record high of over 2.5 million migrants were encountered at our southern border. Now U.S. Customs and Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz is sounding the alarm: the U.S. should expect at least 7,000 border encounters every single day.

Border Czar Kamala Harris was tasked with investigating the “root cause” of the border crisis, but let’s be clear: Democrat policies are the cause of the border crisis. This is not some crisis that erupted out of Biden’s control – it is the result of Biden’s deliberate actions to degrade and dismantle border security for the past year.