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Washington, D.C. – Today, House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) joined Fox News’ Sunday Morning Futures to discuss President Trump stepping up to deliver targeted relief to the American people to make up for Democrats’ failures and preoccupation with a liberal wish list. “What President Trump did, he really showed he was the one person in the room that put people before politics,” McCarthy said.

Highlights of remarks are below, or watch online here.

“Remember, every time we have done legislation when it comes to COVID, Nancy Pelosi has always held it up for her own personal wish list. Remember when we did the CARES Act. She held it up for more than a week when thousands of people were being unemployed, because she wanted more money for the arts and the Kennedy Center. When that critical money came through for the small businesses that went to the employees, remember the [Paycheck Protection Program], and we were running out of money, she held it up again in that famous video in front of her refrigerator for ice cream. She didn’t care so thousands of more people were laid off.

“Now when we are sitting here coming forward with people unemployed again, she held it up over the issue of pot. She believed pot was more important than the paychecks. 

“Now what President Trump did, he really showed he was the one person in the room that put people before politics. He said you know what, I am going to continue to help the people [who are unemployed]. If [Democrats] are going to continue to play these games, I am going to take action and put America first, instead of [their] own personal ambitions.

“President Trump…found common ground where Nancy Pelosi would not. She would just take that strong position that nothing can happen unless the liberal list of items she wanted [is in it], and one of those happened to be pot.

“If you look at the jobs numbers, it’s true that this is the right president at the right time [to] bring this economy back up. The millions of more jobs every single month moving forward – that’s what we need to do: get people back to work.

“The real challenge and the pain here that the Democrats could not find common ground [on], is when it comes to the small businesses. I think they need a little more help when it comes to PPP. Or what about those items – when we want to take that supply chain back from China, that we want to bring those businesses back to America. We could have gotten tax cuts in there that provided those companies [the ability] to come back to America. Or what about the funding for the schools, that we could open them safely? These are all the things that got hurt because the Democrats [failed them].”