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“Yesterday the country heard emotional testimonies from the siblings of two people that were needlessly killed over the past few weeks.

“George Floyd’s brother recounted the pain of losing his big brother. He called on Congress to ‘honor George, and make the necessary changes’ to ensure his death was not in vain. We also heard from my friend, Angela Underwood Jacobs, the sister of Patrick Underwood – a member of the Federal Protective Service, who was murdered in the line of duty during a protest in Oakland, California.

“Here is a commitment I make to the Floyd and Underwood families, and every family who has senselessly lost a loved one due to the violence we saw over the past few weeks: your families deserve justice, and we will not stop until we get to a solution that gets America on a path to a more united and peaceful future. 

“Like most major national issues, there aren’t Republican or Democrat solutions, but only American solutions… But Democrat leadership kept Republicans shut out of those discussions. And in turn, left millions of Americans’ voices left out of this important conversation.

“House Republicans will be putting forward a reform legislative proposal – led by the Judiciary Committee with Jim Jordan and others… that will focus on three main tenets: Performance, Transparency, and Accountability. 

“80% of law enforcement agencies expressed a need for increased training — let’s work to achieve that while making our communities safer…We need to have more data available to formulate a fully accurate picture of the problem, so we know how to expend resources to address the problem… [And] bad cops need to be held accountable. Period. [We need to] work with the law enforcement community to create a database to prevent ‘bad cops’ from being rehired in other jurisdictions who are not aware of his or her past. This must include proper due process for the accused.

“While Democrats talk about defunding the police, Republicans talk about solutions that will defend Americans. 

“We will also stand by and support our police officers who put on their uniforms every day to carry out their oath to protect and serve their communities.

“I believe with every fiber in my body that America is the great​est country that has ever existed. Let’s work together to build on that undeniable legacy… 

“We can’t change the past, but we can work to secure a more promising future.”