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“If you wonder why Speaker Pelosi would carry on another 45 days of shadow voting, it simply gives her more power. If you wonder what the outcome to doing that is… it does not matter what happens in committee, because you can add $1 trillion afterwards if you’re Nancy Pelosi. Why? Because you hold all the votes in your pocket.

“Members of the Democrat party are happy because they don’t have to work but they still get paid. They don’t have to show up, and they still get paid. They can sign a letter that says they are physically unable to be here, and get in their car and go enjoy whatever event they have in their district. They can look at the agenda and say ‘It’s not much, I guess I will stay home’…

“The sad part is the people who lose [because of] this are the American public. The American public believed in the election system, that they would loan their power to an individual [and] they would have a voice in Congress, that they’d have a voice in committee, that one person would not hold all the power. But lo and behold, the Democrats abused their power to create shadow voting, and they’ve just extended it for another 45 days….

“While we’re in the middle of COVID, while we should be investing more in research and development to find more cures, every study tells us that with the Democrats’ bill there will be fewer cures in the future. But where is the voice [of the people]? The only voice that comes to the floor is a few Democrats who yell out the voice of a member who is sitting at home being paid on what they think they would vote.

“I believe Congress is essential. I believe the voice of constituents is essential to be heard and to be spoken. But unfortunately, in this Congress it is not. 

“As we continue to move forward there is much the American public expects us to get done. We’re making progress when it comes to testing — more than 600,000 a day, more than 31 million [total].

“We’ve watched COVID begin to rise in some states, and we’ve watched many protests just two weeks ago shoulder-to-shoulder. We knew this day would come. We will have to deal with it, and we will.

“We continue to watch the new therapies coming on board, and the progress being made on vaccines. The work when it comes to BARDA — the government is able to invest with them, so when the final stage comes the dosage will be there for all Americans. 

“But on the Democrat side we continue to see the same thing — more accusations [and] more selective leaking.”