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Washington, D.C. – House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) delivered a speech on the floor today where he lambasted House Democrats for pushing ineffective, anti-competitive legislation that only panders to the Chinese Communist Party.

“The America Concedes Act is Democrats’ desperate answer to their string of self-created crises,” said McCarthy. “The actions of the majority tell you all you need to know about who they truly want to help: Themselves. Their corporate allies. And the Chinese Communist Party.”

Remarks as prepared are below.

“After ignoring the China threat for years, House Democrats finally introduced a bill that is allegedly tough on China. 

“They call it the ‘America Competes Act.’
“But make no mistake: it’s a bill that concedes to China.
“The America Concedes Act is Democrats’ desperate answer to their string of self-created crises. 
“While it contains some provisions supported by Republicans, Speaker Pelosi is holding these good ideas hostage by using this 3,000 page bill as a vehicle for her party’s far left agenda. 
“Almost every page of Democrats’ Concedes Act has a provision that helps China but hurts America.
“Here are just a few excerpts:

“On page 1689, it provides a new, unlimited green card program for the Chinese Communist Party to exploit. It also allows research funds to freely flow to colleges and universities that host Confucius Institutes – which are essentially CCP propaganda centers that censor our campuses.

“These policies would make our nation more vulnerable to Chinese espionage, which is already widespread.

“In fact, the threat of Chinese spying in America is so widespread that the FBI has 2,000 active cases to counter it, and opens a new case every 12 hours. 

Democrats want to make our nation more vulnerable to Chinese espionage – and worse.

“On page 995, it requests a toothless report from the Biden administration on the origins of COVID, instead of taking action to get real accountability.

“On page 1396, it directs the American military to train to combat climate change.

“On page 1392, it gives $8 billion of taxpayer money to the unaccountable UN Green Climate fund, which has already funneled at least $100 million to China. 

“And to make matters worse: when Republicans offered amendments to prevent China from accessing that money, Democrats said no.

“Now, American tax dollars could be used to fund solar panels and batteries made by slave labor.

“On page 1645, it creates a Coral Reef Task Force.

“And on page 227, it creates a new federal program to study plumbing. That’s right: plumbing.

“All of these far left policies would make America more vulnerable against China. And Democrats have spent this debate defending none of them.

“Earlier this week, the Biden White House never mentioned the word ‘China’ in a letter to House Democrats urging them to support the America Concedes Act.

“And now, Democrats seem to be pivoting to talking about the economy, which looks worse today than it did one year ago.

“Some are even saying that this $250 billion bill will ‘reduce inflation.’

“We’ve heard that one before.

“It’s not a surprise that Democrats want to change the subject.

“Unfortunately, China is not waiting around for us to act.

“The real threats we face should remind all of us about the importance of leading by example and putting America first. 

“That starts with taking the threat of China seriously.

“House Republicans have tried to work with our colleagues on this important issue.

“Just three years ago, there were bipartisan discussions to start a China Task Force. Discussions lasted for a year.

“But when we were ready to launch the group in February 2020, Speaker Pelosi walked away.

“Well, House Republicans started the Task Force anyway. And we quickly delivered hundreds of specific recommendations that addressed every part of the China threat.

“In October 2020, our China Task Force released something no Congress in history has done before: a comprehensive blueprint to guide our response to China. 

“I’m proud that our report is the most thorough report on China in the history of Congress.

“More importantly, I’m proud it is bold, achievable, and realistically identified the threat of Communist China. Two-third of its recommendations were bipartisan. And one-third had already passed the House or Senate.

“And we didn’t stop there.

“On the issue of COVID – perhaps the greatest offense China has committed – House Republicans offered eight reasonable solutions to achieve justice for Americans and hold China accountable.

“One of those solutions was to relocate the Olympics from Beijing. This has been House Republicans’ firm position from the beginning.

“Well, here we are, the opening ceremonies begin in two days, and China is still able to host the games despite their genocide of the Uyghurs, repression in Hong Kong, and responsibility for COVID.

“And instead of joining Republicans in demanding action, Democrats are jamming through this weak-on-China bill the same week that the Olympics begin.

“The actions of the majority tell you all you need to know about who they truly want to help:

“Themselves. Their corporate allies. And the Chinese Communist Party.

“Well, if that’s how America competes with China, then America is going to lose.

“I implore my colleagues to take some time and think deeply about what our country stands for. It certainly isn’t this political stunt by the majority.

“Let’s not let political distractions get in the way of our duty. Instead, let’s actually get to work. The future of our country is at stake.”

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