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House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) delivered the following remarks at a leadership press conference today on the wildfires impacting Southern California and the latest on tax reform.

Remarks are below or watch online here.

On the raging wildfires in Southern California:

“This is a devastating fire in Ventura that is just blocks away from the city hall. We’ve already had one fatality…. Not just our thoughts and prayers are with you, but any equipment or resources from the federal government, we will make sure it’s provided to work and create the synergy with those in the state and in the city. And to the first responders, we know how you’ve been called upon this year from the hurricanes to the fires, and we thank you for continuing to be there in the time of need.”

On the positive economic impact of tax reform:

“To the American public: Every time we get one step closer, the market goes up even higher. We’re already beginning to see the benefits of really where America wants to go when it comes to the tax bill. For anyone that has a retirement account invested in a 401k, you’ve already seen a benefit continuing to rise with more than 58 times the market has set a new record.”

On the House and Senate working together:

“I know we’re close but we have to finish the job. So in a short timeframe you will find the conferees will work together. I know the Senate and House will find common ground. At the end of the day we’ll get this bill through, not for Congress but for the American people.”