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Washington D.C. – Congressman Kevin McCarthy gave the following remarks on the need to empower small business owners and entrepreneurs to create jobs and get America back to work.

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“There has been a lot of nice speeches about jobs. Now it is time for the speeches to stop and actions to begin. As the Speaker mentioned that a year ago, the President said it was the summer of job creation, but when you look at entrepreneurship in the last twelve months it’s the lowest it’s been in a decade. When I was twenty years old I started my first company. There is a difference about entrepreneurship, and with the way you want to worry about this data. Because an entrepreneur never takes a job from somebody they only create them. We are at our lowest point in a decade and we’ve just spent a trillion dollars with interest with government trying to create jobs. It’s time to read the data, stop the speeches, and create action that creates jobs, and creates entrepreneurs, and get this country working again.”