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Washington, D.C. – House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) released the following statement on today’s high-speed rail groundbreaking in Fresno, California:

“For years now, Governor Brown and the high-speed rail authority have turned the idea of high-speed rail into a public albatross far beyond what Californians envisioned or voted for.  The Governor’s push for this project will leave California with reduced government services and major disruptions to our communities. All of this and more harmful consequences for what some of the brightest minds in engineering call anything but ‘high-speed.’

“The project’s business plan is flawed at its core. As the price tag ballooned, private investment is still nowhere to be found. After the Obama Administration’s unaccountable spending in the early years of his presidency, the American people spoke loudly and ushered in a new Republican Congress to stop the waste. As a result, my colleagues and I decided that no federal money would be spent on such a wasteful project. With no private or federal money, the Governor and legislature want to support this boondoggle by raising the price Californians will pay at the pump under cap and trade. But even this still leaves the project grossly underfunded, which means more pain for no gain.

“Sadly, today’s groundbreaking is a political maneuver. Supporters of the railroad in Sacramento can’t admit their project is deeply flawed, and they won’t give up on it despite the cost. But these political tricks are exactly what the American people are tired of and what the new Republican Congress is committed to ending.

“Congress will continue to ensure no more Federal taxpayer dollars are directed to this project.”