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Washington D.C. – House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (CA-22) released the following statement regarding House passage of the Job Protection and Recession Prevention Act of 2012 (H.R. 8):

“In 2010, bipartisan majorities of the House and Senate, with the support of President Obama, voted to prevent a massive tax increase on small businesses and hardworking families. At the time, the President and a clear majority of Congressional Democrats argued that raising taxes in a down economy would hurt economic growth and job creation. Today, their demand to raise taxes means only one of two things – they either truly believe our economy is in good shape and are that out of touch with what Americans are currently going through, or they’re dividing Americans against one another to score political points in an election year.

“The grim reality is that Americans continue to face tough economic times – unemployment has been above 8 percent for 41 straight months, 13 million Americans are out of work,  and our economy is growing at a meager 1.5%. The President’s plan for massive tax hikes will cost 710,000 American jobs according to an independent study by Ernst & Young, and will add to the uncertainty that is already holding back our economy. A bipartisan majority in the House, demonstrated in today’s vote, know that now is not the time to be raising taxes on any American. Today’s vote is the first step in the right direction of putting our economy on a better path through comprehensive tax reform – which could add 1 million jobs to our economy in the first year alone. It is my hope that the President and Washington Democrats will drop the election year class warfare antics, and join with House Republicans in getting America back to work.”