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Washington, DC – House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) released the following statement on the Obama Administration’s released regulations on hydraulic fracturing:

“If it’s Friday, the Obama Administration is sure to release yet another regulation. Today, its eye is set on American innovation and all the good it brings to the American people.

“Hydraulic fracturing has elevated America as a global energy superpower again. And because of our rise, we have more jobs and lower gasoline prices. For Americans whose income today seems very similar to what they earned in 2008, a slight reprieve at the gas pump has been a welcomed relief over the past several months. With a little extra money, they have been able to pay down debts and save for the future.

“American entrepreneurs and the state governments that have encouraged development are the leaders of our new energy future. America is a diverse country, and each state faces different resource opportunities and environmental challenges. And the States have been successful at regulating these different challenges while at the same time increasing oil and gas production on state and private lands by 61 percent and 33 percent respectively. This is in comparison to oil and gas production on federal land falling during that same period by 6 percent and 28 percent respectively. That’s why Washington’s bloated, inefficient bureaucracy should not impose uniform regulations on each different state, impeding our economic future. 

“Last Congress, the House passed legislation granting states greater authority to manage land within their states when it comes to hydraulic fracturing. The House will continue to explore legislative options to keep expanding America’s energy future by building on the achievements made on state and private lands.”