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Washington D.C. – House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (CA-22) released the following statement reacting to this morning’s employment report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

“Anytime jobs are created in America is good news, and House Republicans remain steadfast in our focus on empowering small businesses and entrepreneurs to grow and hire again. However, this morning’s report marks the 36th consecutive month of unemployment above 8 percent despite promises to the contrary made by the White House in 2009. House Republicans showed our ability and readiness to work with the President on the JOBS Act, and it is with this same sentiment we are ready to work the President on increasing energy production and supply to address energy prices.  I am extremely concerned about rising energy costs, and the effects they will have on struggling American families and small businesses. So far, the President has given four speeches where he discussed rising gas prices, yet has offered no tangible solutions to bring relief at the pump.

“Americans are looking for leadership on America’s energy security, economic growth and job creation, but unfortunately a leadership void exists at the White House and in the United States Senate. Take for example the Keystone Pipeline. Just yesterday, Senate Democrats voted down this project, at the President’s direct request, that would increase our domestic supply of energy while creating tens-of-thousands of new jobs.  Their actions defy commonsense, and I hope that after reading this morning’s report they reconsider and get serious on energy and job creation.”