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Washington, D.C. – House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) released the following statement regarding the passage of the short-term continuing resolution:

“Since we took the Majority, the House has passed a budget measure that cuts spending for the rest of the fiscal year, and we’ve passed two short-term measures to save the American taxpayers $10 billion while Democrats remain silent. Just one year ago in the House, Democrats were discussing how much spending they could pack into budget measures. Now Republicans are passing real cuts. This change in direction is just the beginning of our efforts to reduce our long-term debt and restore confidence in our economy so we can get people back to work.

“The Obama Administration and Congressional Democrats must step up to the plate and join us in fighting for families across the country. When we began the spending debate, President Obama and Congressional Democrats were calling for a continuation of the status quo, and now they won’t even specify where they stand. We’ve seen that government spending crowds out private sector investment and it’s time to get the government out of the way of getting people back to work. Until Democrats are willing to engage in discussions about how to best move our country forward, House Republicans will be hard at work tackling our nation’s fiscal problems by advancing spending reforms and by charting a new course with a budget for the upcoming fiscal year.”