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Simi Valley, CA – Last night at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Library, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) spoke on the importance of passing Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) to strengthen American exports and our economy.

Responding to a question suggesting the bipartisan TPA legislation is Congress handing its legislative power to the President, McCarthy articulated the conservative case for TPA.

Watch the entire speech online here.

“You have to think about this more than economically. This is strategic. Because the agreements we are looking to are dealing with our friends in Asia and what we do with them is raise their standards to ours. If we do not, you know who they will have an agreement with? China. If we do not act they will take China’s standards and we will be left out.

“Trade matters to our allies and our friends. When America does not lead somebody else will fill that void. Right now America is not leading in so many places. Other people are filling that void and I will tell you that they do not like our way of life.

“We cannot hold ourselves back because someone does not care for the person in the White House. We have a check and balance. Ronald Reagan did not stop and not move forward because the Democrats controlled the House and Senate. He moved forward each and every day and he took what he could get and came back the next day for what he didn’t get.  

“The other thing that Reagan was so good at was he would talk to people who never voted Republican before because they never heard the truth. He wasn’t afraid. You didn’t talk about, in the 1980’s, the different Republicans, you talked about the different Democrats—the Reagan Democrats. This is our time to unite. If we do not unite and only get all of the Republicans out to vote for one person we will lose. We need to look at this country as one America and show a path to a place that is different and that we do not have to accept the malaise of the last seven years—that there is a better place and better world for all of us.”