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“As we shift to talk about the actions Republicans took this week, I first want to thank Jim Jordan and Pete Stauber for joining me on the call today…

“When we reflect on the tragedies and events of the past couple of weeks, it should compel every one of us, especially national leaders, to take meaningful and appropriate action. That is exactly what we saw this week.

“On Tuesday the President signed a law enforcement executive order that sets a standard for credentialing across law enforcement agencies and mandates more robust information sharing, which is a key problem when you see bad officers let go and then hired by another agency without the full information.

“On Wednesday our colleagues on the Senate side, led by Tim Scott, introduced the Justice Act. A legislative package that has already attracted 46 co-sponsors in the Senate. In fact, despite the usual political games Democrats play, the fact is they support about 80% of Senator Scott’s bill.

“And today, House Republicans will be introducing the companion bill to the Justice Act, an effort led by Pete Stauber and Jim Jordan. It already has more than 120 co-sponsors, and we know that will continue to grow.

“The bill is designed to improve community-law enforcement relationships by:

  • Helping officers perform their duty: streamlines and improves training curriculums 
  • Enhancing transparency: annual report that compiles information on use of force that involve death, serious bodily injury, or the discharge of a firearm
  • Reinforces accountability: aims to retain good, high-performing cops while ensuring those who fail to uphold their oath are not able to re-enter the force

“This is the type of results-oriented legislation we need to meet this moment in time that is right before us…

“What you’ve seen over the past several days is Tim Scott, an inspiring leader, who as a black Senator is someone who has unique experiences and can identity and impact areas where we need change…

“And in the House we have Pete, someone who served in law enforcement for 20 years, who was wounded twice while on the job, and understands the risks our police officers take every day when they put on their uniform.

“As Senator Scott has been saying this week, this is not a binary choice — you don’t have to choose whether to support our black community or our law enforcement. We must and should support both, it is the only way we can succeed and this is the moment in time… we need to rise above politics…

“The fact Tim and Pete are working together to put forward this legislation in Congress, is a very idea of what we have to do. This is the image America needs….

“But instead, Democrats have insisted on jamming through their partisan bill and aren’t even willing to show up in person to do it — they’re still going to allow proxy at this moment in time… at a time that is so critical [for] this nation. This is a time to rise above and do the right thing.”