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In the six weeks following the Title 42 order being lifted, Border Patrol agents are bracing for hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants to flood the border, and apprehensions are expected to overwhelm an already-stressed system. Border arrests have sharply increased over the course of President Biden’s presidency and, by the administration’s own estimates, are set to skyrocket to 18,000 a day once the lifting of Title 42 officially goes into effect.

Despite the widely accepted reality that lifting Title 42 will bring in more mayhem at the southern border, the Biden administration has offered no plan to deal with the fallout. To push the administration to take action, this afternoon House Republicans will seek to amend the rule to provide immediate consideration of Rep. Yvette Herrell’s (NM-02) legislation, the PAUSE Act (H.R. 471). This bill would provide for stringent enforcement of Title 42 and would prohibit the United States Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Homeland Security from weakening Title 42’s implementation.

Leader McCarthy’s statement: 

“Not only is the Biden administration’s flawed policies fueling the massive surge expected, but they have offered no plan on how to counter the imminent chaos predicted to unfold. This is an abandonment of their most basic responsibilities in governance, particularly from the border czar Vice President Harris and Secretary Mayorkas, who are neglecting to do their jobs.

“The legislative branch must step up to make up for the administration’s blatant disregard of maintaining our country’s security. This afternoon the House will have an opportunity to push the Biden administration to keep Title 42. House Democrats have to ask themselves: will they take a stand to protect our sovereignty or will they stand with progressive activists who want to essentially erase our borders?”