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Washington, D.C. – House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) released the following statement on standing in solidarity with the people of Hong Kong against the Chinese Communist Party’s unlawful and aggressive actions:

“On July 1, 1997, Britain and Communist China signed the Sino-British Joint Declaration, a treaty which transferred control over Hong Kong from London to Beijing and created the ‘One Country, Two Systems’ arrangement. Twenty three years later, that system is dead due to draconian, anti-democratic actions by Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party. 

“For over two decades, July 1 symbolized Hong Kong’s autonomy and liberty. Now it carries a new meaning: Beijing’s word cannot be trusted. Within just hours after passing their farce of a ‘National Security Law,’ more than 100 protestors have already been arrested.

“Xi Jinping and his puppets must face consequences for crushing Hong Kong’s freedom. The House should pass the Hong Kong Autonomy Act to impose sanctions on those responsible. House Democrats should also join House Republicans on the China Task Force to develop more policy proposals that will help us counter the CCP’s threats.

“We must punish Beijing, not allow it to profit off of the very freedom it denies to others.

“The people of Hong Kong are in the hearts and minds of all Americans. They should know that we have not forgotten the history of July 1, its significance, or true meaning. More importantly, I want them to know that we will never forget them and their struggle to live in freedom. Just as they flew the American flag in solidarity with our values and ideals, we are proud to stand in solidarity with them in their continued fight for democracy.”