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At a White House press conference yesterday after telling reporters, “It is our job to set a course for the medium and long term,” The President did not offer a plan to combat the rise in unemployment, the growth slowdown, or to take our debt.

President Obama: “Our Job Is To Set A Course For The Medium And Long Term.” Our job is to set a course for the medium and the long term that assures that not only both our economies grow, but the world economy is stable and prosperous. (President Barack Obama, Press Conference, 6/7/11)

This morning’s CNN/Opinion Research Poll shows that Americans want action to grow the economy, lower gas prices and create jobs, something Washington Democrats have been unwilling to produce for over two years.

80% Say The Economy Is In Poor Shape. “More than eight in ten Americans say that the economy is in poor shape, a number that has stubbornly remained at that level since March.” (CNN/Opinion Research Poll, 6/8/11)

Americans Are Most Worried About Unemployment, Gas Prices And The Deficit. “And overall economic conditions remains issue number one to voters, with other economic issues – unemployment, gas prices and the federal deficit – taking three of the remaining four spots in the top five.”(CNN/Opinion Research Poll, 6/8/11)

48% Of Americans Worry About Another Great Depression In The Next Year. “48% say that another Great Depression is likely to occur in the next year — the highest that figure has ever reached.” (CNN/Opinion Research Poll, 6/8/11)

US Economy Will Continue To Suffer Without A Coherent Economic Policy. “The economy will continue to suffer until there is a coherent and favorable economic policy. That means bringing long-term deficits under control without raising marginal tax rates—by cutting government outlays and by limiting the tax expenditures that substitute for direct government spending. It means lower tax rates on businesses and individuals to spur entrepreneurship and investment. And it means reforming Social Security and Medicare to protect the living standards of future retirees while limiting the cost to future taxpayers.” (Martin Feldstein, “The Economy Is Worse Than You Think,” The Wall Street Journal, 6/8/11).