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Over the last forty-eight days, House Republicans have passed four measures that cut spending, help grow our economy, and keep government operating. At the same time, Democrats have been quietly expressing frustration with the White House’s actions (or lack thereof) to negotiate a long-term budget agreement. And, following yesterday’s veto threat over a House bill that funds our troops and avoids a government shutdown, Democrats have ratcheted up their criticisms for the President’s decision to wait until the “eleventh hour” to join negotiations.

CNN’s Dana Bash On Democrats’ Reaction To President’s Decision To Wait Until “Eleventh Hour” To Get Involved In Negotiations: “There’s Been A Lot Of Frustration With The President.” BASH: “I can tell you that talking to Democratic sources here in Congress over the past weeks, weeks and weeks, actually really months as this has been going on, this short-term spending bill after short-term spending bill to try to keep the government running, there’s been a lot of frustration with the President, with the White House, that they have not gotten more involved. You certainly saw the President out tonight and you saw him out last night. You’re seeing him involved at the eleventh hour. But many of his fellow Democrats are saying, where were you before? We needed you before.” (CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360,” 4/7/11)

  • Democrats Blame The White House’s Concern Over The President’s Reelection Image For Their Reluctance To Get Involved In Negotiations. BASH: “And the reason, they think, is because it’s just not a politically a good thing for him to be doing to be getting involved in this kind of fight when he’s positioning himself for reelection and doesn’t want to be mired in this back and forth over a few billion dollars in spending.” COOPER: “That’s why people hate politics.” (CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360,” 4/7/11)

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