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Two prominent House Democrats continue to make false claims that ObamaCare somehow benefits Medicare.

Ranking Member on Budget Chris Van Hollen: “Democrats Already Reformed Medicare Through ObamaCare.” “Number one, the president has put a plan on the table. And let’s remember that the Affordable Care Act, the healthcare reform bill, had some significant Medicare reform.” (NBC’s “Meet The Press,” 5/22/11)

Democrat Whip Steny Hoyer: “ObamaCare Will Make Medicare Sustainable.” “He also said healthcare costs have to be reined in, in order to make Medicare and Medicaid sustainable. He said the new Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation put in place by the Obama health reform will help address that.” (Erik Wasson, “Hoyer lays out debt principles,” The Hill, 5/23/11)

Medicare currently has $24.6 trillion in unfunded liabilities, and the chief actuary believes the number could grow significantly larger. This is just another example of the Democrats’ rhetoric not matching up with the facts as their plan actually would reduce benefits going forward.

ObamaCare Leaves Medicare With $24.6 Trillion In Unfunded Liabilities – Deteriorating The Program’s Finances. “This reality is underscored in the just-released annual report of the Medicare trustees. Democrats sold ObamaCare as a way to slow the growth of costs, but the report shows that the program’s finances have deteriorated even since last year. Medicare is carrying $24.6 trillion in unfunded liabilities through 2085, and chief actuary Richard Foster says even that does ‘not represent a reasonable expectation for actual program operations.’” (Editorial, “Republicans And Mediscare,” The Wall Street Journal, 5/23/11)

Medicare Pending Insolvency Cannot Be Solved By Democrat Proposed Tax Hikes. “As a matter of simple arithmetic, this problem can’t be solved with tax increases, because health costs and thus government spending on health care are rising so much faster than the economy as a whole is growing. The U.S. capacity to pay for Medicare on present trend diminishes every year.” (Editorial, “Republicans And Mediscare,” The Wall Street Journal, 5/23/11)

Only House Republicans have put forward a plan to save and preserve Medicare for current retirees and future generations.

The House GOP Budget Is The First Credible Plan For “Preserving The Safety Net” And Stopping Medicare’s “Present March Into Insolvency.” “Nothing will sooner finish off ‘Medicare as we know it’ than to continue its present march into insolvency. His is the first credible plan endorsed by either party for preserving the safety net.” (Editorial, “Medicare For A New Century,” The Wall Street Journal, 4/7/11)