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“We pray for the leaders we have right now. . .We pray for our President and his family, and the Vice President and Second Lady — give them your peace and wisdom.”

“We pray for the leaders of the Congress — Mitch McConnell, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer — and all the members of the House and Senate. Guide us out of tearing division and into unity to do the people’s business. . .”

“We pray for the countless teachers who are trusted with our children.”

“We pray for the leaders of our vibrant faith communities who keep us steadfast in Your word — as they have since our nation’s founding.”

“We thank You for the freedoms we enjoy every day, Lord, and we pray You will continue to guide us in the ways of justice.”

“We know there are about 200 other countries in this world, and we pray for their leaders as well. . .”

“For the hundreds of leaders in this room today, we pray that you would teach all of us how to be shepherds. To love and care for the flock. To know its needs and the dangers it faces. And to deliver from evil those who are persecuted because of their faith in you.”