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Every day, our nation’s law enforcement officers put on the badge and bravely put themselves in harm’s way to keep our families and communities safe. Today, as National Police Week begins, we honor their heroic service.

Leader McCarthy and House Republicans will commemorate the week by sharing stories of officers and their families, recognizing their bravery, and hosting the second annual Back the Blue Bike Tour.

The past few years have been especially dangerous for America’s police officers. As a direct result of the Democrat-led “defund the police” movement and their soft-on-crime policies, major cities across the country have suffered a stark increase in crime. Carjackings across the country are at record numbers. Smash-and-grab robberies have become all too common. And last year, many major cities broke their annual homicide records.

The national rise in crime has had devastating consequences for the communities and also for the local police force. In Kern County, Kern County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Phillip Campas was killed in the line of duty after his SWAT team responded to a domestic violence call in Wasco, California. A Marine Veteran and dedicated father, his legacy of heroism will never be forgotten.

In New York, NYPD Officer Alyssa Vogel was seen running through Times Square towards an ambulance after saving a four year old girl who had been struck by a stray bullet. Officer Vogel’s bravery and quick thinking made all the difference in getting the girl to safety.

In Alabama, Wilcox County Constable Madison “Skip” Nicholson was responding to a domestic disturbance when he and a Wilcox County Sheriff’s Deputy were shot at, which killed Constable Nicholson in the line of duty. Constable Nicholson had protected his community for over 40 years as a law enforcement officer.

Our police are under attack like never before. According to the FBI, more police officers were murdered in the line of duty during President Biden’s first year in office than any year since 1995 – and many of these officers were killed in ambush-style or unprovoked attacks.

Not only have calls to defund, dismantle, and “abolish” the police that have come from activists and even within the halls of Congress, created a more treacherous climate for officers, but it has also negatively impacted morale among the force. Nationwide, law enforcement agencies are short 7% of filling budgeted positions, and retirements are up 45%.

Law enforcement is our essential line of defense in maintaining law and order, and they deserve Americans’ and Congress’s full support. House Republicans are grateful to our law enforcement officers for their service to our communities and understand the incredible commitment they make in choosing to wear the uniform. That’s why this week, we will make sure law enforcement officers see and feel how much their sacrifices mean to America.

We will always stand with our men and women in blue and their families.