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Washington, D.C. — ​At a leadership press briefing today, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) spoke about new opportunities for the new American Congress.

An excerpt of Leader McCarthy’s remarks are below. Watch them online here.

First day started off fast. You looked at a very strong bipartisan bill, Hiring More Heroes. This week we’ll take up the 40-hour work week, dealing with those Americans who have been cut back- because of Obamacare- on the number of hours that they can work. Keystone pipeline, helping to make America more energy independent and creating more jobs. Getting those number of pipes that have been sitting out there in Arkansas actually to work for us. 

“You know, they say history can repeat itself. I looked back to a situation. America has been in this climate before. Republicans holding the House and the Senate with Newt Gingrich and Bob Dole and Bill Clinton in the White House. But I watched them come together and reform welfare. I think this is a unique opportunity with the new American Congress – that this President can work with us. And I think looking at the bipartisan bills we have put on the floor and are passing, I’m hopeful he puts people before politics.”