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Washington, D.C. – House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) released the following statement on how this funding legislation supports infrastructure and water projects in California:

“This budget provides funding for the Trump Administration to implement the WIIN Act—bipartisan water infrastructure legislation that was signed by President Obama. Specifically, it fully funds the Administration’s request for four California water projects—including $20 million for design and pre-construction work to enlarge Shasta Dam, a project originally authorized in 1980. This enlargement would provide an additional 634,000 acre-feet of water that can be used for our communities and the environment, including for additional cold water storage to help migrating salmon. Also included is $5.8 million to complete the longstanding pending studies for the proposed Sites and Temperance Flat reservoirs, which would create over 3 million acre-feet of new storage in California, along with $2.2 million to begin to address subsidence on the Friant-Kern Canal, which serves the east side of the Central Valley. The bill provides $10 million for several water recycling projects in California as well.

“President Trump and this Congress are committed to rebuilding America’s infrastructure and in California, our water system is just as important as roads, bridges, and railways. But for too long the necessary planning to build a stronger future has been neglected by Democrat leaders in Washington and Sacramento. We have a unique opportunity with a President who wants to build projects to come together and change the course of water policies and planning that have recently led to rationing, fines, and water wars. This budget gets California’s water future moving in the right direction.”


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