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Two recent polls out confirm that independent voters strongly favor the spending approach taken by House Republicans over President Obama’s approach to the deficit.

In A New CNN/Opinion Research Poll, Independent Voters Favor The Approach To Spending Cuts Taken By House Republicans By A Margin Of 49 Percent To 35 Percent. (CNN/Opinion Research Poll, 3/28/11)

A Recent Democratic-Leaning Poll Found That 50 Percent Of Independent Voters Named Spending Cuts To Reduce The Deficit As Their Top Priority. “The difference in perspective is explained in polling shown privately to Democratic senators over the winter. In a survey by GarinHartYang, a Democratic firm, 63 percent of Democrats polled said their No. 1 priority for improving the economy was government spending to create jobs and help the United States compete globally. By contrast, 28 percent preferred reducing the deficit through spending cuts. When independent voters were asked the same question, 50 percent favored cuts to reduce the deficit while only 39 percent backed government spending to create jobs.” (David Espo, “Analysis: GOP Wins Cuts Without Government Closure,” The Associated Press, 3/26/11)

And is it any wonder that independents favor the House GOP’s approach after the dismal spending record amassed by the Obama Administration and Senate Democrats over the last two years?