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This morning, the vast majority of Americans woke up, made a pot of coffee, got the kids ready for school (whether it’s in the classroom or in the kitchen), sprinted to get the trash out in time, and have since been focused on working hard and supporting their family. Sure, many turned on the news or read the paper. But we bet the last thing a lot of people were interested in was a front page like this, where nearly every single headline at 6:59 am ET was about a former president’s impeachment trial, which has little to no effect on their life or community:

Is this all that matters?

We know the answer is no. Here are some examples to refocus on the issues that actually affect Americans’ lives and where meaningful work is being done:

It’s not the media’s job to write just what people want to see. But we’d be better off if our news was less about impeaching someone not in office and more about addressing and solving challenges our country faces.