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Why We Are Doing This Blog

Waiting for the culture to change while banging our heads against the wall because substance is ignored for junk food are not promising options. We have to get creative.

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McCarthy Statement on Waiver For Retired Gen. Lloyd Austin

House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy released the following statement on today’s House vote on a waiver for Gen. Lloyd Austin to serve as Secretary of Defense in the Biden Administration:

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The Wrong Priorities at the Wrong Time

Starting Line The Starting Line


President Biden’s call for unity and the charge to be a leader for all Americans has so far been met with completely one-sided policies geared toward small, sporadic constituencies. And we ought to…

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Biden’s Immigration Plans Ignore Americans’ Urgent Needs


The Biden plan to offer citizenship to more than 11 million illegal immigrants who have, for years, knowingly broken our laws is the wrong policy at the wrong time