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FISA Memo: Everything You Need To Know

FISA Memo | Everything You Need To Know

The Intelligence Committee’s FISA memo makes clear that the full disclosure of facts to the court did not occur.

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Democrats Said They Want to Fund Our Military. It’s Time to Do It

During the Schumer Shutdown, Senate Democrats spoke repeatedly about how we must fund our military. Was that all just cheap talk?

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Leader McCarthy Talks Defense Funding, FISA Memo on Fox News

Senator Schumer said he didn’t want to hold the military hostage. This bill gives us the opportunity to fund the military completely.

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Senate Democrats Must Live Up to their Word and Pass Defense Funding

Our military men and women could have what they need. Senate Democrats just need to allow us to pass defense funding.

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Leader McCarthy on the State of the Union Address

With every success, the American people are safer, stronger, and can be even more proud of living in the greatest country on earth.