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No More Games. Senate Democrats Must Fund Our Troops

Politics should end when it comes to keeping America safe.

Press Release

Leader McCarthy on the Air: Forget Resistance, Let’s Solve Problems

If Washington Democrats don’t want to help us, they want to play politics, just get out of the way and let us solve the problems.

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Op-Ed: As The Olympics Approach, Let’s Put Our Athletes’ Safety First

We are strengthening protections for victims to ensure transparency and accountability and putting the safety and health of our athletes, and every young athlete who has ever dreamed of the Olympic…

Press Release

Next Week: House to Protect Sexual Assault Victims

These women have endured too much, and we must do more to protect our amateur athletes so this never happens again.

Leader's Blog

Republicans Deliver for Children’s Health Care

Republicans remained adamant that not a single one of these children should lose their health insurance because politicians wanted to leverage the program to score political points.