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Leader McCarthy Praises ICE, Slams Democrats’ Push to Abolish

The Democrats wanted the glory of introducing a far-left ‘Abolish ICE’ bill—but they didn’t have the guts to accept the consequences.

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JOBS Act 3.0 | Restoring American Competitiveness

The JOBS Act 3.0 is the latest evidence of this House’s commitment to expanding opportunity for American workers and investors.

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Leader McCarthy Talks Judge Kavanaugh, Trump Economic Boom on Fox News

I think it would be responsible for the Democrats to sit back, and meet with Judge Kavanaugh before they propose or take action against him.

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Leader McCarthy on the Nomination of Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court

I urge the Senate to give Judge Kavanaugh the impartial hearing that he, the Supreme Court, and the American people deserve.

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Leader McCarthy on CFIUS Reforms

Today the House is sending a clear message to the Chinese government: The United States will not tolerate continued attempts to weaken our national security by force and fraud.